2017-2018 Year

Images of the Year 2017-2018

Competition March 2018

Competition March 2018

Prints – Black & White & Colour – 11 entries

1st        Cuban Capital                                    Bryan Williams

2nd       Focused                                               Dennis Bally

3rd        Tasting Sweet Nectar                          Dennis Bally

Pictorial Images – 51 entries

1st        Hang Up Your Tap Shoes                  Jennifer Shoniker

2nd       Skate The Lake                                   Lauren Bally

3rd        Maya                                                  Mary Ann Wamboldt

HM     Red Rock Canyon AZ.                       Philippe Baud

Nature Images – 8 entries

1st        Pond Lily                                            Jennifer Shoniker

2nd       Bald Eagle On The Watch                   Philippe Baud

3rd        Monarch Caterpillar On Milkweed    Janet Elliott

Creative Experimental – 7 entries

1st        Twirlers                                              Bryan Williams

2nd       Nesting                                                Irene Marie Dorey

3rd        Fun With The Dancers                       Paula Leroux

Judges:  Dave Sigman, Ken Fuller and Rob Mooey

Competition January 2018

Judges: Spencer Bardell, Karen Dolan and Steve Wild

Prints – Black & White & Colour – 17 entries

1st Lake Mathison Dennis Bally
2nd Red Bellied Visitor Kay Lloyd
3rd Yukon Skies Bryan Williams
HM Butterfly Aglow Dennis Bally
HM A Moment in Time Dennis Bally
HM Ponte Santa Trinita Ken Fuller

Pictorial Images – 65 entries

1st Air Show Paula Leroux
2nd Cherry Pickin’ Marie Dorey
3rd Pipe Up Jennifer Shoniker
HM The Magnificent Brooklyn Bridge Judie Goldie
HM Trinity College Mary Ann Wamboldt
HM Keeping Up Appearances Tanya Elson
HM Luxor Bar Clive Elson

Nature Images – 18 entries

1st Wood Duck Portrait Janis Grant
2nd Elysian Morning Lauren Bally
3rd Hellnar Nature Reserve Paula Leroux
HM Showy Egret Nest Janis Grant

Creative Experimental – 7 entries

1st Mean Machine Pam Fullerton
2nd Snakes ‘n’ Ladders Marie Dorey
3rd Olympic Swimmers Alicia Smith
HM Diamonds And Sapphires Alicia Smith
HM Two Points Wayne Turcotte

Competition November 2017

Prints – Black & White & Colour – 15 entries

  • 1st Lupin Splendor Dennis Bally
  • 2nd Sunrise at Barker Dam Jennifer Shoniker
  • 3rd Power of the Wind Dennis Bally
  • HM Waiting at San Marco Jennifer Shoniker
  • HM Dreamscape Gail Douglas
  • HM Show Off Bryan Williams

Pictorial Images – 68 entries

  • 1st Lived In Tanya Elson
  • 2nd Spring Hosta Clive Elson
  • 3rd Last To Leave Wasaga Marie Dorey

Nature Images – 26 entries

  • 1st Red Fox Pam Fullerton
  • 2nd Assiniboine Avalanche Lauren Bally
  • 3rd Bighorn Sheep Maureen Williams
  • HM Playtime Paula Leroux

Creative Experimental – 10 entries

  • 1st Through The Maze Marie Dorey
  • 2nd Pin Wheel Alicia Smith
  • 3rd Twelve Carrots Marie Dorey

Judges:  Preston Scheidel, Bill Milward and Ted Smith

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