2018-2019 Year

Competition March 2019

Prints – Open– Black & White & Colour – 14 entries

1st        Tibbet’s Point Winter                        Roger Monahan

2nd       The Fighter                                         Jennifer Shoniker

3rd        Through The Broken Window            Heather Jamison

HM     Spring Flow At Chisolm Mill             Mike Pope

Pictorial Images – 46 entries

1st        Danni                                                  Mary Ann Wamboldt

2nd       Aspen Aspiring                                  Roger Monahan

3rd        A Good Time                                      Clive Elson

HM     Reflections                                          Paula Leroux

HM     Orange Glory                                      Leslie Milbury

Nature Images – 25 entries

1st        Feeding Time                                      Leslie Milbury

2nd       Flying Lesson                                    Philippe Baud

3rd        Morning Jog                                        Gail Douglas

Creative Experimental – 20 entries

1st        Snap Shot                                            Irene Marie Dorey

2nd       Runaway Umbrella                             Irene Marie Dorey

3rd        Skulled                                                Irene Marie Dorey

HM     New Orleans Lafayette Cemet.          Nicole Couture-Lord

HM     Gerbera Fractl                                     Roger Monahan

HM     Colour Ripple                                     Marlene Musiol

HM     Nightmare                                           Marie Dorey

HM     Light Trail Portrait                              Mary Ann Wamboldt

Competition January 2019

Competition January 2019 – Images coming soon.

Prints – Fine Art – Black & White & Colour – 22 entries

1st Stamens, Stigma & Style Leslie Milbury

2nd Factory Ceiling Jennifer Shoniker

3rd Reflect Mike Pope

Pictorial Images – 72 entries

1st Solstice Roger Monahan

2nd Just Waiting For A Ride Clive Elson

3rd Dunes Walker Tanya Elson

Nature Images – 17 entries

1st Dragonfly Philippe Baud

2nd Mountain Magic Lauren Bally

3rd House Finch Kay Lloyd

HM Transition Bruce Millen

Creative Experimental – 14 entries

1st Lost Angel Irene Marie Dorey

2nd Selfie Roger Monahan

3rd Disjointed Irene Marie Dorey

Judges:  Raymond Vos, Ted Smith and Steven Wild

Competition November 2018

Competition November 2018

Prints – Black & White & Colour – 30 entries

1st The Emigrant Mike Pope

2nd Star Gazing Phillipe Baud

3rd KP North Gate Mike Pope

HM Peggy’s Fish Shack Mike Pope

Pictorial Images – 67 entries

1st Outer Light Sodus Point Roger Monahan

2nd New Day Begins Grant LeDrew

3rd In All Its Glory Leslie Milbury

HM Forest Remnant Kalihari Janis Grant

Nature Images – 28 entries

1st Wild Fiddlehead Leslie Milbury

2nd Spring Runoff Bruce Millen

3rd Young Sharpie Kay Lloyd

HM Zebras At The Waterhole Janis Grant

Creative Experimental – 13 entries

1st Sunset Over RMC Roger Monahan

2nd City Park New Orleans #2 Nicole Couture Lord

3rd Scottish Bull Bryan Williams

HM Nature’s Number Nine Dennis Bally

HM City Park Bridge New Orleans Nicole Couture Lord

Judges:  Karen Dolan, Larry Labano and Spencer Bardell

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