Competition January 2014

Ken Fuller-Everett Park Sunset  Everett Park Sunset - Ken Fuller - 1st Print Heather Bashow-Lisl and Alano  Lisl and Alano - Heather Bashow - 2nd Print John Hefford-Perspective  Perspective - John Hefford - 3rd Print HeatherBashow Courtship  Courtship - Heather Bashow - HM Print
Half of a Toonie- Dennis Bally  Half a Toonie - Dennis Bally - 1st Nature Tremblant Moon - Bill McNamara  Tremblant Moon - Bill McNamara - 2nd Nature Herb Robert-Bruce Gunion  Herb Robert - Bruce Gunion - 3rd Nature Writing on Stone-Paul Fenton  Writing on Stone - Paul Fenton - 1st Pictorial
Snow Horse-Mary Ann Wamboldt  Snowhorse - Mary Ann Wamboldt - 2nd Pictorial Sneaking a peek-Marie Dorey  Sneaking a Peek - Marie Dorey - 3rd Pictorial