Exhibition 2017

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5-Afternoon Kiss - Krysia Spirydowicz  Afternoon Kiss - Krysia Spirydowicz 10-Altered Vision - Mary Ann Wamboldt  Altered Vision - Mary Ann Wamboldt 15-China Town Train - Virginia McCallum  China Town Train - Virginia McCallum 18-Street Artist - Ken Fuller  Street Artist - Ken Fuller
20-Chromascape - Jennifer Shoniker  Chromascope - Jennifer Shoniker 25-Cozy Reflection - Judi McFarlane  Cozy Reflection - Judi McFarlane 30-El Salvador Market - Chuck Tindall  El Salvador Market - Chuck Tindall 35-El Vagabundo - Carolina Rojas   El Vagabundo - Carolina Rojas
40-Engaged - David Craig  Engaged - David Craig 45-Victoria School 1895 - Alicia Smith  Victoria School 1895 - Alicia Smith 50-Isabel Theatre - Clive Elson  Isabel Theatre - Clive Elson 55-Jazz Jam on Royal Street - Neal Maher  Jazz Jam on Royal Street - Neal Maher
60-Jump - Cathy Burrell  Jump - Cathy Burrell 65-Mailbox Graffiti - Evan Fletcher  Mailbox Graffiti - Evan Fletcher 70-Metro Centre Toronto - Kay Lloyd  Metro Centre Toronto - Kay Lloyd 75-Moscow Train Station - Mario Morin  Moscow Train Station - Mario Morin
Nightime Shopping  Nightime Shopping - Wayne Turcotte 85-Original Capital - Mike Pope  Original Capital - Mike Pope : City Hall, Kingston, Prince George 90-Passing By - Gema Riviero Olivio  Passing By - Gema Olivio 95-Past And Future Meet - Gail Douglas  Past and Future Meet - Gail Douglas
100-Rainy Day in Prague - Bryan Williams  Rainy Day in Prague - Bryan Williams : Danube 105-Reflections in the Fiume Arno - Erlyn Fletcher-Roy  Reflections in the Fiume Arno - Erlyn Fletcher-Roy 110-Relaxing in Toronto - Paula Leroux copy  Relaxing in Toronto - Paula Leroux 115-Saint John Market - Pam Fullerton  Saint John Market - Pam Fullerton
120-Where's the Wedding - Janis Grant  Where's the Wedding? - Janis Grant z-125-Beam Me Up Scotty! - Heather Jamison  Beam me up Scotty - Heather Jamison z-130-Dominoes - Tanya Elson  Dominoes - Tanya Elson z-135-Hat Vendor - Maureen Williams  Hat Vendor - Maureen Williams
z-140-Hopedale Trampoline - Chris P. Sampson  Hopedale Trampoline - Chris P Sampson z-150-It's All From the Can - Ed Fletcher  It's all from the Can - Ed Fletcher z-155-Limestone Passageway - Maurice Gauvin  Limestone Passageway - Maurice Gauvin z-160-Misty Montalcino - Don Rogers  Misty Montalcino - Don Rogers
z-170-Poetry While you Wait - Rachael Hunter-Brown  Poetry While You Wait - Rachael Hunter-Brown z-175-Princess Street Blues - Leslie Milbury  Princess Street Blues - Leslie Milbury z-180-Sign - Alan Clark  Sign - Alan Clarke z-185-Standing Still - Jean Barna  Standing Still - Jean Barna
z-190-The Converstation - Marlene Musiol  The Conversation - Marlene Musiol