KPC Competition Jan 2015

Club Competition Jan 2015
1st-Ken Fuller-St Lukes, Newtown, NL  1st Print - St Lukes Newtown NL - Ken Fuller 2nd-Bryan Williams Tranquil Harbour  2nd Print - Tranquil Harbour - Bryan Williams 3rd-Ken Fuller-Remains of the Day  3rd Print - Remains of the Day - Ken Fuller 1st-Andree Thorpe-Glacier Tourments  1st Pictorial - Glacier Tourments - Andree Thorpe
2nd-BruceGunion-Melk Abbey Staircase  2nd Pictorial - Melk Abbey Staircase - Bruce Gunion 3rd-Neal Maher-Reflections on Western Brook Pond  3rd Pictorial - Reflections on Western Brook Pond - Neal Maher 1st-NicoleCoutureLord-Killdeer  1st Nature - Killdeer - Nicole Couture-Lord 2nd-Neal Maher-DuckNapping at Lemoine Point  2nd Nature - Duck Napping at Lemoine Point - Neal Maher
3rd-Donald R MacGregor-A Splash of Yellow  3rd Nature - A Splash of Yellow - Donald R MacGregor HM-James Sherk - 8 pointer  HM Nature - 8 Pointer - James Sherk : lemoines