KPC Comp Nov 2014

1st A Rocky Beach-Roger Monahan  1st Print - Rocky Beach - Roger Monahan 2nd Spring Flood-Roger Monahan  2nd Print - Spring Flood - Roger Monahan 3rd Misty Morning Encounter-Dennis Bally  3rd Print - Misty Morning Encounter - Dennis Bally : mist, heron, sydenham dock, paddleboarder HM Trees in Winter-George Clark  HM Print - Trees in Winter - George Clark
1st-In the Distance-Janice Nicholson  1st Pictorial - In the Distance - Janice Nicholson Floating Jewels  2nd Pictorial - Floating Jewels - Roger Monahan : primary color, colour, red, green, blue, macro, water, drop, droplet, candy, abstract 3rd-Eye Contact-Irene Marie Dorey   3rd Pictorial - Eye Contact - Irene Marie Dorey HM-Two in the Snow-Janice Nichplson  HM Pictorial - Two in the Snow - Janice Nicholson
HM-A Walk in the Forest-Franz Moeslinger  HM Pictorial - A Walk in the Forest - Franz Moeslinger 1st-Black Jacobine Hummingbird-Janis Grnt  1st Nature - Black Jacobine Humming Bird - Janis Grant 2nd-Arrow Head-Donald R MacGregor  2nd Nature - Arrow Head - Donald R MacGregor 3rd-Fly on Sedum-James Sherk  3rd Nature - Fly on Sedum - James Sherk
HM-Morning Flight-Al Garrah  HM Nature - Morning Flight - Al Garrah HM-That's Close Enough-Dennis Bally  HM Nature - That's Close Enough - Dennis Bally