About Us - A History

The Kingston Photographic Society was formed in 1967 by a small group of photographers who wanted to get together to share ideas and discuss their mutual interest in photography. The club met in the City Park Building on Bagot Street for many years. A newsletter was produced to give members information on upcoming meetings. In January 1975, Dorothy Benson started writing a second page that she called Camera Capers. Her idea was to incorporate such things as "News and Views", "Helpful Hints", and activities of our members.

In September of 1975, the club began holding the meetings at 370 King Street West. September 1976 saw more changes to the club. The new constitution had been written and the name changed to "The Kingston Photographic Club". Meetings were moved to the campus of Queen's University, except for a short period of time when we met at the Military Communications and Electronics Museum.

In 1973, the club joined the National Association for Photographic Art, now called the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA). The Club has participated in CAPA competitions; hosted Camera Canada College in 1982 and 1994; and held seminars with noted Canadian Photographers such as Freeman Patterson, Richard Martin (a former member of the KPC), Courtney Milne, Terence Dickinson and Bill Reynolds.

The Club's main meetings are held in Room 215 of Dupuis Hall, near the corner of Division Street and Union Street on Queen's campus, generally on the first and third Monday of each month. Map here - Building Number 4.


Former Club Presidents

(from the start)
  • George Innes
  • Frank Webb
  • Helmut Seckmeister
  • Bruce Gunion
  • Horace Wilmott
  • Norm Mcleod
  • Ed Black
  • Jack Michell
  • Hilda Hedley
  • Don Gillespie
  • Franz Moeslinger
  • Peter Skelton
  • Jim Duncan
  • Reg Aitken
  • Don Andrychuk
  • Harold Quinn
  • George Raynes
  • Linda Baker
  • Howard Smith
  • Mike Palmer
  • Jim Vance
  • John Aucoin
  • Gail McFaul
  • Nathalie Sorensen
  • David L Smith
  • Pat Michell
  • Ed Fletcher
  • Janice P Van Dijk
  • Bruce Millen
  • Geoff Chalcraft
  • Adam Rushton
  • Don Rogers

Most of the members, January 2012

EXECUTIVE 2016 - 2017


Bryan Williams


1st Vice-President

Program Chair

and Executive Chair

Mary Ann Wamboldt


2nd Vice President

Judi Goldie

Past President

Don Rogers

don rogers


Ed Fletcher



Erlyn Fletcher


Other Representatives

Program Committee

  • Bruce Millen
  • Ed Fletcher
  • Ron Pettitt
  • President
  • 1st Vice President
  • Others

Club Competitions

Ron Pettitt

Online Competition

Don Rogers

Newsletter Editor

Mariana Osaki Soares




Neal Maher


Joe Furtado

Annual Exhibition Coordinator and Chair

Bruce Millen 


Field Trips

Cathy Burrell

CAPA Representative

James Sherk


Geoff Chalcraft

A Past-President, now in the UK and running the website..... at a distance of 3,420 miles (5,505km). 


Individual: $55.00

Family: $75.00

Student $40

Membership allows you to participate in all club functions, including meetings; club competitions; our annual juried exhibition; issues of our newsletter "Camera Capers"; photo excursions and more. Reduced fees are charged to those joining part-way through the year. The fees cover the rental of the meeting hall, purchase of club equipment and other expenses. The club has no employees and is run entirely on a volunteer basis. Visitors are welcome! You can print out the form below and bring it with you.

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