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Outing – Lemoine’s Point

Lemoines Point Saturday January 12, 2019 *If it is raining, this trip will be postponed until Sunday January 13, 2019. We will meeting at the north parking lot (off Coverdale Road) at 8:00 a.m. and shoot until 10:30 a.m.  Dress yourself and your camera for the weather.Bird and squirrel food might allow for an interesting shot. For those interested in discussing their morning’s adventure – a snack at Tim Hortons (Collin’s Bay) following the shoot.       

Meeting – Monday, January 7th

Join us January 7 @ 7:15 pm as we host Kyle Blaney for his presentation, "Life Lessons from a Nature Photographer." Kyle will inspire the audience with stories and photos from wilderness adventures across North America. Kyle has camped, hiked, kayaked and searched for birds in every Canadian province & territory and all across the United States. He has stood in awe as a majestic humpback whale repeatedly breached, and watched Kermode bears ambling across wet logs and hunting salmon. He was

Equipment Tips for Winter Photography

Heading out to photograph winter with your digital SLR? Canadians are good at having layers of clothing to keep themselves warm - Protect your camera from the cold with these 10 essential DSLR tips… Digital SLRs don’t need regular maintenance. A professional camera that takes thousands of shots a week might benefit from annual servicing, but generally speaking, you can expect to use your camera until it drops. The usual cause of failure is not a mechanical fault but a dead

10 Tips for Photographing Birds in Winter

It’s easier to get out there with your digital camera and photograph wild birds than it is to photograph wild mammals. As well as the resident birds there are a few that have come from the north for a couple of months, though Spring and Autumn are better for migratory birds. You should still see lots of wetland birds unless it's a really cold spell. Use these top 10 tips for the camera gear and techniques you need for 'quacking' (sorry...) bird photos. For ‘serious’ bird photography, you need

Summary of Our October 1st Meeting

Our meeting Monday evening started off with a bit of a hiccup as we found our room in Dupuis Hall was double booked! Ed was able to get in touch with Queens and we off to a new room across the street to start our meeting with speaker Raymond Vos of Gallery Raymond. Raymond shared his experiences in Kenya through photographs and how he started the Kenya Initiative, a program that helps children in Kenya improve their lives through education. Those wishing to donate to the Kenya Initiative can

The Elements that makeup a Great Photograph

  The Basics Every image needs a basic structure. Without an underlying structure, it is just another boring photo. Every image needs a strong underlying compositional order so that it grabs the eye from a hundred feet away. If it can't grab the eye from a distance, it will never be an interesting photo, regardless of how many fine details it might have. Details don't matter if there's no story behind it. Check this out for yourself on Flickr, or any website that shows

Member Spotlight – Ken Fuller

Name: Ken Fuller Years with the club: I've been a member of the Kingston Photographic Club for 5 or 6 years and, although I'm not usually one for joining groups, I was initially intrigued by the list of presentations and some of the photographs I'd seen by members. Camera: I have two Canon camera's, a 5D Mark II and a Rebel S1. The 5D shoots full frame and the S1 is a smaller, much lighter camera and is a great travel companion. I have three lenses, two L series (24-105 and 70-300)

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The members of the Kingston Photographic Club, of Ontario, meet twice-monthly or more, September to May. The membership broaden their photographic interest from the knowledge of speakers, competition judges, our meetings, other members and this website.

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