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Equipment Tips for Winter Photography

Heading out to photograph winter with your digital SLR? Canadians are good at having layers of clothing to keep themselves warm - Protect your camera from the cold with these 10 essential DSLR tips… Digital SLRs don’t need regular maintenance. A professional camera that takes thousands of shots a week might benefit from annual servicing, but generally speaking, you can expect to use your camera until it drops. The usual cause of failure is not a mechanical fault but a dead

Photographic Tips & Advice

I recently got a library book, “Photography for the Joy of It”, written by Freeman Patterson and first published in 1977. Still an excellent book that you may have come across in the past, with some down-to-earth advice for us all. Written well before the Digital Era, it contains a list of 50 individual pieces of advice. However, as I was reading them I realised that quite a few could be updated and many could be discarded altogether..... indicating that Digital Photography really is easier and

Getting to grips with macro photography

Macro photography opens up a whole new world, and can be especially tricky when shooting outdoors. Here are some words of wisdom, gathered from around the web. 1. Use a tripod In macro photography, even the very slightest movement of the camera during the exposure can result in camera shake. Use a sturdy tripod with an infrared remote or cable release to keep it steady while you shoot. Of course, those wild flowers on the ground can get tricky to photograph so look for a tripod with short

Photography in Cold Weather

Sometimes some of the most striking pictures are those taken in the dead of winter. There’s something beautiful and serene about a blanket of snow lying over everything. We live in a part of Canada that is known for extreme amounts of snow and temperatures that are accompanied by the terms “Arctic cold snap” on a regular basis so we have the opportunity to take photos under these conditions regularly. If you’ve been bitten by the photography bug and haven’t yet done much winter

Photographing on those Grey Days

It’s winter in Ontario. If it's sunny the light is very bright, it brings out the colours. But it's cold..... if your battery doesn't go flat, your fingers drop off. Or it's a Grey Day.... warmer, but the light doesn't look so good.... at first thought. On top of that, the days are pretty short with the winter solstice only weeks behind us. Once in a while we get a nice sunset when that hot ball of gas is kind enough to break beneath the clouds when they aren’t looking, not to be seen for

Pushing the Creative Envelope

As photographers, we all hit creative walls. We work to improve our skills, and we learn new things, and then it seems we grind to a halt. Maybe our images start looking dull to us, like they are missing something. Sometimes we over-complicate problems, searching for some magical trick out there that will give us the creative perspective we are looking for. Instead, here is a collection of tips, in no particular order, that you can go out and try today to improve your photography and creative

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