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What is an F-Stop?

Most of us have heard, and probably used, the term f-number. Most of us have also probably used the term interchangeably with “f- stop” or “aperture”. What are all these things, really? Yes, they have to do with the size of the hole allowing light to pass through the lens, and they affect depth of field and light intensity. But I’m talking about what these things really are. Some definitions. An aperture is simply a hole which allows light to pass through it. A diaphragm is the mechanism

Photography in the Snow

It's that time of year again.... how to – without being in the Alps or the Rockies – capture some interesting pictures in the snow. One of the major challenges when shooting outdoors in the winter is the snow. The snow presents some interesting challenges that make it one of the toughest scenes to shoot. Typically, when you shoot in the winter with snow on the ground, pictures tend to come out very dull and underexposed if you shoot in automatic or semi automatic modes. But why? Simply

How not to get bogged down on your photographic journey

How not to get bogged down on your photographic journey

Everyone, at some stage, is a beginner. In work, a hobby, life in general. We look at those who have more experience and expertise than us and feel inadequate. Photography is the same. You pick up this amazing photographic machine [Point & Shoot OR DSLR camera] in a shop, feels its weight, see all the buttons, dials, windows, switches..... we know it's capable of lots but it's easy for us to fall into the trap of feeling incapable. If you have felt like this, you are not alone. Nearly

The ABC’s of your New Camera

The ABC’s of your New Camera

Congratulations on getting a new digital SLR. It's only natural that you can't wait to start using it, but it's worth spending a few minutes configuring your camera correctly first. Not only will this save you time and effort in the long run, it's a good way of familiarising yourself with your camera's layout, and its various features and functions. Camera settings – step 1: Select the highest quality Choosing the right file format, ISO and white balance settings will put you on the right

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