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Kingston Photo Club member Paul Musiol shares his passion for photography in our member profile below.
Name: Paul Musiol
Years with the club: Almost two years.
Camera: Started in 1985 with Yashica FX-2 film camera. First digital camera was a Nikon CoolPix P500. Now using Nikon DSLR D3000 and Samsung cellphone.
Number of years taking pictures: 33 years (1985 to present), however, have been really active for about last 5 years.
Photography subjects: Geometric shapes and colours
How I started photography: Received the Nikon CoolPix P500  as a 30 year service gift at work and started playing around with it. Took a general interest night course in photography at Sheridan College and that was the real start of my interest.
Favourite piece of gear: The camera I use now (Nikon D3000) because I’m quite familiar with 95% of its features.
Next gear purchase: A macro lens for smaller biological and geological geometric detail.
What would like to photograph next: More mirror reflections, shapes of light play and smaller geometries in the natural world.
Favourite photog/website/magazine etc. My absolute favourite photographic experience ever, by far, was the art show at the AGO, by Yayao Kusama, an 85-year old female Japanese. It was called “Mirrors of Infinity” and was a runaway crowd-pleaser. Marlene and I were lucky to have an AGO membership and so to get tickets to see it -it was sold out. It consisted of rooms (about 100 square feet of floor space each) with walls,floor and ceiling covered in mirrors.Lights of various colours/intensity came on and off, reflecting in infinite patterns, surrounding us. Photography was not only allowed, but strongly encouraged – except for one of the exhibits. Great show.
Best photographic advice: Focus on your subject/interests and not on your gear.
What’s best about the Kingston Photo Club: First, the members. All are enthusiastic and friendly, sharing their photo experiences quite freely. Also, the speakers are interesting, knowledgeable and obviously interested in their area of interest/expertise. Definitely, a good organization. The photo trips are great opportunities for finding unusual subjects. The two social events (Christmas dinner at the Renaissance and Awards night) are great social occasions.

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The members of the Kingston Photographic Club, of Ontario, meet twice-monthly or more, September to May. The membership broaden their photographic interest from the knowledge of speakers, competition judges, our meetings, other members and this website.

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