Club Outings

KPC Outings for 2017-2018 


*Trip is offered to the public or has been confirmed.

** Alternate outings are available to individuals who are available and interested in getting together outside of the

regular planned outings.


Date Outing Date Alternate Outing**
Sun. Aug. 27, 2017 Fletcher House*


Photo Scavenger hunt and barbeque get together.

Sat. Sept. 23, 2017 Boneyard*


With Richard Martin

Bring a perishable item for the donation box.

Carpooling is required.

Fri. Sept. 15, 2017 Tall Ships*


Ships arrive at 2:00 p.m.

Sat. Oct. 21, 2017 Pumpkin Inferno

Upper Canada Village

Meet at 4:00 p.m. at the Montreal Park and Ride.

Cost dependent on number of participants.

Sat. Nov. 25, 2017 Night Shoot*

Kingston Mills/Highway 15

Lights in motion and sky photography.

Sat. Nov. 18, 2018 Kingston Parade*

Princess St., Kingston


Sat. Dec. 10, 2017 Neil’s Greenhouse

Sydenham Road

Sun. Jan. 28, 2018 Dance Studio*

Dance Fitazzet, Sydenham

Sat. Feb. 24, 2018


Depot Lake Creek Nature Reserve (am)/


Sun. Feb. 25, 2018 Little Cataraqui Conservation Area*


Sat. Mar. 24, 2018 Kingston Theme Walk*


Sat. Apr. 21, 2018

May be changed due to timing of the snow melt.

Waterfalls and Moving Water

Location to be determined.

Sat. Apr. 7, 2018 “Float Your Fanny Down the Ganny”*

Port Hope

Sat. May 26, 2018 Montreal Day Trip


Wed. May 16, 2018 Tulip Festival


Sat. June 16, 2018 Purdon/Perth/Kiwi Gardens*

Perth area

June 9 or 10, 2018

To be determined

Medieval Festival

Upper Canada Village

Time TBA

at the Montreal Park and Ride.

Cost dependent on number of participants.

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The members of the Kingston Photographic Club, of Ontario, meet twice-monthly or more, September to May. The membership broaden their photographic interest from the knowledge of speakers, competition judges, our meetings, other members and this website.

Kingston, Ontario