Meeting April 16th – Speaker Bill Young

Join us for Speaker Bill Young April 16th.

About Bill from his website…

Born in Toronto, I have made Ottawa home for most of the last 30-plus years.

Why do I photograph?

Like so many of us, I am compelled to create.  We must feed the soul as well as the body.   This is the fundamental reason that I shoot.

Past that, however, I am a visually oriented person. While I appreciate many other forms of art, the technical and creative aspects of photography hold a fascination for me.  Photography is such a versatile medium, and the limitations are almost always within myself rather than the equipment.

Why do I photograph the subjects I do?

That’s the tough question.  Is there a hidden message that I am trying to convey?  If there is, it is also hidden from me.  Maybe all will be made clear in retrospect; however, knowing now might spoil the fun.

As can be seen from the images on this site, I am most drawn to shooting landscapes, preferably of remote, desolate and austere locations.  The serenity is both soothing and enriching.  Does this say something about me?  Perhaps best not to ask.

What is important?

Connection.  First, there’s the connection between the photographer and subject, which is why you are there in the first place.  Then hopefully you and your art connect with the viewer.  It  is always rewarding when someone comments on your presentation, AV show, or images on the web site.  The connection can be anything from invoking an old memory, or a new appreciation for the subject of the presentation, or a desire to visit that location to experience for themselves.

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