Meeting – Monday Nov. 6th – Tim Trentadue – “Introduction to Astrophotography

Join us for Tim Trentadue’s presentation on an “Introduction to Astrophotography”  at Walter Light Hall Auditorium.

A few words from Tim…..

Growing up under dark skies as a child I would spend many hours just laying in the back yard looking up at all those stars and wondering what was out there.

Thirty years ago I purchased a good telescope and did a lot of observing as an armature astronomer. Photographing the sky back then was done with film and was a very long tedious process with mixed results.I did not have the time then to do any photography.

A few years ago I purchased an entrance level DSLR to use on a trip, I wanted to be able to shoot Christmas lights at night. The trip did not happen and I turned the camera skyward instead, and have not looked back.

I have been doing Astrophotography intently now for 3 years and I volunteer my telescope and time to events held both at the Lennox and Addington Dark Sky Viewing area and the North Frontenac Dark Sky Preserve.

I have hosted the Napanee photo club at the L&A Dark Sky Viewing Area last summer for a hands on evening photographing the night sky, and was invited to do a presentation/talk at their club as well.

I have had some of my work published in Sky News as well as the Armature Astrophotographer E-Magazine.

I was asked in the spring by the BBC if they could use one of my pictures in a program they were producing, I do not know if it was used or edited out as I do not get the station the program was being broadcast on but was still exciting to have been asked.


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