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A list of local photo locations - very local ones that can be covered in a morning or afternoon rather than a whole day trip, individually (if you're itching to get out with the camera but not sure where to go) or with a group, within half an hour or so of Kingston. 

LeMoine Point Lake Ontario Park Barriefield Village
Fort Henry Cataraqui Conservation Area Portsmouth Olympic Harbour
Kingston Mills Cataraqui Trail (from Front Rd/King St W) Lower Brewers Locks
  Amherst Island (just about)  

The most recent outings were to Lake Ontario Park, Amherst Island, and Gananoque.

The EAPA (Brockville) have made a gallery of the Gananoque day, which you can see via the link on this page.

Lake Ontario Park - 29 Nov 09


Gananoque Signs - 23 Jan 10

A2A - Algonquin to Adirondacks

The Algonquin to Adirondacks Conservation Association (A2A) is an international big picture organization. Its aim is to connect wildlife habitat in the area between Algonquin Park in Ontario and Adirondack State Park in New York State.

This region is home to a vast array of different plants and animals, including many that are at risk. Preserving and connecting habitat is critical to their survival.
Connecting habitat is the goal of A2A. Most of the A2A region is privately owned. Wildlife doesn't recognize park boundaries. Parks are not large enough by themselves to provide all the conditions wildlife needs. Many animals must move outside protected areas to find food, shelter and mates.
The A2Alink.....
  • Educates the public about the importance of habitat connections in the A2A area.
  • Connects landowners with programs to improve or create habitat connections on their land.
  • Provides maps and research for landscape level planning.
  • Works with governments to protect habitat and to reduce deaths on highways.
  • Works with partners to identify land that animals need for habitat and movement before it is developed.
  • Works with partners and stakeholders to connect habitat between lakes and along streams and rivers.
How does this affect the Kingston Photographic Club, I hear you cry (I do, don't I?)
As a club, maybe in the future we can help photographically, with records, illustration etc. possibly linking with other local photo clubs. It could give us the chance to go on outings with a specific purpose, quite close to home but still 'in the wilds' and supporting this organization would give the Club some kudos. All very early days yet - it was a pure coincidence that I got the information from the lady in Lansdowne that helps to organize it. Individually, you can help support the organization with a small donation. Much more information on their website.

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