January 2020 Comp Results

1stHeather Jamison – Pink Flowers
2ndJennifer Shoniker – Lay Me Down
3rdGail Douglas – You Cant See Me
1stHeather Jamison – Lilac Breasted Roller In An Acacia Tree
2ndLeslie – Milbury – Spring Awakening
3rdStuart Roberts – Winter At American Niagara
Creative Experimental
1stAlan Clark – Christmas Lights
2ndPaul Musiol – Monkey Fog
3rdDon Rogers – Icy Gazebo
1stLeslie Milbury – Blaze of Glory
2ndJennifer Shoniker – Fight or Flight
3rdBrad Pronovost – Blue Jay
HMBrad Pronovost – Chickadee Feeding

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