November 2019 Comp Results

1stPam Fullerton – The Helm
2ndJanis Grant – Early Morning Mist
3rdTanya Elson – SpiralDescent
1stDennis Bally – Just for Fun
2ndBronze Copper On Wild Wood Aster – Kay Lloyd
3rdBryan Williams – Baby Blue Jay
HMJanis Grant – Catkins With Cape May Warbler
HMTanya Elson – Hovering Monarch
Creative Experimental
1stMary Ann Wamboldt – Kingston Climate Change
2ndMary Ann Wamboldt – A Possible Future
3rdAndrew Sims – Speed of Light
1stMike Pope – Meat Cove Nova Scotia
2ndMike Pope – Red Line Lifeguard Chair
3rdLeslie Milbury – Tropical Beauty

One Comment

  1. Pam Fullerton

    The Helm. Sharp as a tack taken with a Hauwei Pro 30 phone camera. The world has opened up for me.
    I am now taking superior shots with a camera phone. Bye bye to Cannon cameras and 70-200 lenses. Bye bye to lugging pounds of weight for hours on end. Bye bye to the camera club that peaked my interest until a couple of years ago when the executive changes took place. It’s pretty sad when a repeat first place winner quits the club. Bye bye and all the best to you now and in the future. Seeeee yaaaa!

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