Competitions Update

With the current issues in the world today, we have to find new ways of doing things. There is no telling when we can once again meet in person, so we need to embrace some changes, at least for the time being. We have been looking into ways of conducting competitions online for some time and with the help of the executive and especially Mary Ann, we are actually almost there. We have software in place that will enable us to do this. There are still a couple of bugs but we are close to rolling it out to members.

In order for members to participate in club competitions, you will need to register with the club website. You can do this by scrolling down to the bottom of the home page and choosing “Register”. Clicking on this will take you to a page that will walk you through the registration process. When registering, please keep in mind that we will need to identify you while administering competitions so please use your own name and not some internet handle for this purpose.

The next thing that needs to be addressed for competition is that the new online version of our competitions requires a very specific criteria for files. The system will not allow files to be uploaded unless they are prepared correctly. The sizes are consistent with our rules already in place. Landscape images will need to be 1400 pixels (long side) and portrait orientation need to be 1050 pixels (long side). All files should be set to 72 dpi. The last thing that needs to be adhered to is that the overall physical size of the file needs to be under 1Meg in size. If this cannot be attained using the above settings, you may need to tweak overall quality to get down to this size.

This brings me to the final thing that needs to be addressed. For those who wish to take advantage of competitions but have issues with resizing or preparing images, we are here to help you. If you get in touch with me, either myself or one of the other executive will be happy to meet with you via Zoom and work it out. For this, it would be helpful to know ahead of time what editing software you use and we will find a person who is able to help you figure things out. I strongly encourage you to do this sooner rather than later so we can catch as many issues as possible

This is new territory to all of us and hopefully we can work together to make this “new reality” a success. Stay safe.

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