Officially open for business!

After all the planning, we are officially open for our first ever online competition! We went live at 9am this morning and will remain open for uploads until 12am on November 3. If you are entering the competition, remember to upload before that time, there will be no entries allowed after this time. Remember, in order to enter the competition, you need to be registered as a user on the website first so please register early in case there are issues we need to attend to.


The categories will remain the same as we have been used to with one exception. Given the situation we are in, there will be no print category for this year. Unfortunately we see no other way to do this. Also, please remember proper sizing when uploading. Landscapes should be 1400 pixels (long side) and portrait orientation 1050 pixels (Long Side). Also, we are bringing back comments BUT please only mark two images for comment as we want to make the judges work a bit easier.


I wanted to take a moment and address the judging for competitions going forward. We no longer will be using local judges as we have done for some time. Our membership in The Ontario Council of Camera Clubs grants us access to a large list of their judges who can judge from their homes so location means nothing. The best part of this is that these judges have gone through a comprehensive training period and are all very much on the same page and committed to quality.

Please register now, don’t wait till the last minute.

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