November 2020 Comp Results

The 2020-2021 competition year marked the first online judging. With this change came a learning curve that took a couple of run-throughs to resolve, therefore some ties were accepted for this and the January edition. Because of COVID protocols, we have put the Print category on hold as well.

1st Subway Entry – Clive Elson
1stNorthern Lights – Lauren Bally
2ndThe Beach – Mary Ann Wamboldt
3rdSunset On The Campo – Lauren Bally
3rdOld Irish House – Mary Ann Wamboldt
3rdMontpellier City Hall – Tanya Elson
1stBarred Owl – Ed Fletcher
2ndPheobe In Spring Buds – Kay Lloyd
2ndBuck – Judy Belanger
3rdDoe And Fawn – Judy Belanger
3rdWaiting For Mom – Leslie Milbury
Creative Experimental
1stAll Aboard – Ron Pettitt
2ndDisintegration Of History – Judi McFarlane
3rdSydenham Lake – Alan Clark
Montpellier City Hall – Tanya Elson
Old Irish House – Mary Ann Wamboldt
Sunset On The Campo – Lauren Bally
The Beach – Mary Ann Wamboldt
Northern Lights – Lauren Bally
Subway Entrance – Clive Elson
Sydenham Lake – Alan Clark
Disintegration Of History – Judi McFarlane
All Aboard – Ron Pettitt
Waiting For Mom – Leslie Milbury
Doe And Fawn – Judy Belanger
Buck – Judy Belanger
Pheobe In Spring Buds
Barred Owl – Ed Fletcher

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