February Outing

February Outing

For reasons of space and numbers of images, not every image submitted will appear in Galleries. We show a representative cross section of images from members who attended.

3 – Gail Douglas

4 – Gail Douglas
Windmill – Alan Clark
Windmill Using Custom White Balance – Alan Clark
Chin Wag Motion – Deb Tester
Gliding In For A Landing – Deb Tester
Crystal Shoreline – Garhard Pratt
Ice Water Sky – Gerhard Pratt
Ground Control To Major Wind – Grant Ledrew
Your Turn – Grant Ledrew
He’s Staring At Me – Heather Jamison
Lonely Tree – Heather Jamison
Icy Green – Kay Lloyd
Shore Pano – Kay Lloyd
Amherst Island 1 – Mario Morin
Amherst Island 4 – Mario Morin
Flight Or Not – Walter Dick
South Shore Tableau – Walter Dick

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