Capa comp information for 2022-23

Capa comp information for 2022-23

The purpose of CAPA competitions is to:

  • provide you with a wide range of competitions to consider entering
  • challenge and push you out of your comfort zone for the purposes of improving and expanding your photographic skills
  • emphasize the importance of READING and COMPLYING with all the competition details, including the eligibility criteria and category definitions – for it is these details which your images will be judged

You will be allowed to enter up to four (4) images for consideration for submission to a CAPA theme (unless otherwise notified.)  However, if selected, only one image per photographer can be submitted to CAPA.

All CAPA photo submissions are made through the KPC Website using, “Photo Submissions- CAPA Entry.”

The top of the entry page provides you with details for preparing your image(s) for submission. Please use the example to ensure your image file is named correctly.

2022-2023 Themes: (all dates below reflect the deadline for uploading images to the KPC website)

October 2, 2022: Nature

October 31, 2022: Fall Monochrome

January2, 2023: 2023 Ontario Zone Competition (Urban Landscape or Natural Landscape)

January 16, 2023: Artistic

February 6, 2023: Photo Journalism

February 21, 2023: Fall/Winter

March 7, 2023: Audio Visual Presentation

April 3, 2023: Canada, My Country