Changes For Online Competition in 2023-24!

Changes For Online Competition in 2023-24!

Here at The Kingston Photographic Club, we understand that there is a demographic in our club who don’t participate in competitions, and that’s perfectly ok! It has been decided that for this year, we would keep the general format but with a twist. The Online Competition will now be known as the Online Showcase Challenge! We are excited for this and hope it will help to encourage more people to showcase their images associated to specific themes but only for fun. You can also see others’ interpretations of the given themes. Should be fun.

Online Showcase Challenge Themes for 2023-24

The dates below reflect the deadline for uploading your image to the KPC Website- “Photo Submissions- Online Showcase Challenge.”

October 2023: Baseball

November 2023: Water Fun

January 2024: Tabletop Imagery

February 2024: Through A Window

March 2024: Friends