Online Competition for 2022-23

Online Competition for 2022-23

The ONLINE COMPETITION is a friendly monthly competition where members may enter one photo per person to be scored by a panel of judges. Points are accumulated over five rounds throughout the season using various themes. Along the way, you will receive constructive feedback that will hopefully help to improve your skills. 

All Online Competition photo submissions are submitted through the KPC Website- “Photo Submissions- Online Competition.”

In order to submit a photo to this competition, you must be registered on the KPC website. You must be logged in to the website in order to actually submit your image.

The information at the top of the online competition entry page will provide you with details necessary to prepare your image for submission.

Please note the very specific image file naming format. An example is provided on the entry page.

Online Competition Themes for 2022-23

The dates below reflect the deadline for uploading your image to the KPC Website- “Photo Submissions- Online Competition.”

October 2022: Mask

November 2022: Gate

January 2023: Holiday Lights

February 2023: Two Colours

March 2023: Musical Instrumnets