Year End Awards, 2022-’23

Year End Awards, 2022-’23

Each year, we have a Year End Awards night, recognizing the hard work of many of our members. The awards are decided using accumulated points from the year’s competitions with the one esception of the Photo Of The Year award which is determined by re-judging all placing images from the three main competitions. Below is a list of the winners from the 2022-23 season as celebrated on May 8th, 2023.

The Henry’s Award of Excellence (Online Competition)

3rd place: Ken Fuller

2nd place: Leslie Milbury

1st place: Dennis Bally

Vern Napier Camera Award (Pictorial Photographer of the Year)

3rd place: Ron Pettitt

2nd place: Roger Monahan

1st place: Tanya Elson

Dorothy Benson Trophy (Nature Photographer of the Year)

3rd place: Kay Lloyd

2nd place: Dennis Bally

1st place: Paula Leroux

Harrison Burbidge Memorial Award (Creative Experimental)

3rd place: Alan Clark

2nd Place: Clive Elson

1st place: Jennifer Shoniker

Bruce Gunion Award (Top First Year Photographer)

3rd place: Natasha Jabre

2nd place: Lisa Murphy

1st place: Avery Wagg

The Brit Award (Photographer of the Year)

3rd place: Paula Leroux

2nd place: Jennifer Shoniker

1st place: Roger Monahan

CAPA Digital Image of the Year

Danny Boy – Roger Monahan