Kingston Photographic Club

Online Showcase Challenge

Online Showcase Challenge Overview


The monthly online themed competition has been terminated, and replaced by the monthly online themed showcase.

Five monthly themes are posted, with submission deadlines 31 October (baseball), 30 November (water fun), 31 January (tabletop imagery), 28 or 29 February (through a window), and 31 March (friends).

One or two images may be submitted to each themed showcase. Images, with image title and photographer’s name, will then be shared on a themed showcase on the club website, and possibly shown at a club meeting. This will afford club members the benefit of seeing how other members have interpreted the monthly theme.

Monthly themed images should be submitted through the normal club competitions portal, following the same file name protocols as club competition submissions.


Members agree to permit Kingston Photographic Club to publish their images on the club website and the ‘Camera Capers’ Newsletter or use their images at any time for an exhibition, publication, promotion, education. Entry into the Online Competition implies acceptance of the above. Photographers are credited for their work. The Club recommends that, where necessary, the photographer obtains a model release for presentation and publication purposes, prior to submitting the entry. (In general, photographs of people taken in a public place are not considered to require ‘model releases’ unless the image is to be used for the purpose of sales promotion – which, in the case of the club, they are not. Similarly, pictures of any building, taken from a public place also do not need any copyright regulation unless the images are to be sold).


Remember that one of the goals of the Online Competition is to help you gain practice and experience in resizing images. Keep in mind that if you were to enter a National or Provincial competition, an image that was incorrectly sized would be automatically rejected. So learning to resize for this Online Competition is good practice.

RESIZING HELP: If you need some instruction on how to resize, contact Don Rogers, the Online Coordinator, at or one of the Executive members.

A great source of ‘pointers’ or hints can usually be found on Google Images. 

As is often the case for the simpler techniques for Photoshop and PS Elements, Paint Shop Pro and others programs, there are several videos available on YouTube that can provide you with specific instructions. If you’re using a program other than PS, Elements or PSP, try going to YouTube and entering something like “Resizing in (your program)” in the Search box. Or tell me what the program is and I’ll try to find the instructions. I will be quite strict about sizes but I can correct some images – not difficult when ‘sizing down’ (although I’m not keen on my email inbox getting filled with 10Mb+ files), but ‘sizing up’ is often just not possible.

For Lightroom Users: Lightroom makes it easy- just select your images from your library and use File-Export. Save them to wherever you like- you can choose the pixels for longer sides and choose 72 dpi for resolution. Make sure you don’t put a Watermark on the image, then just hit Export- Bob’s your Auntie!